Joey Cammiso-Drums

Bill Arnold-Bass

Brian Curtin-Keyboard

Ken​ Ulrich-Lead Guitar


​I met Harriet Nelson, David Nelson,

Jerry Fuller (Travelin' Man), Rick's original band w/James Burton, Greg McDonald (Rick's last manager), The Jordanaires, Rick's publishers, Rick's agents, Rick's girlfriends - (They all said they were). ---- I met all kinds of friends and fans, but one thing I never met was ​a person who met ​Rick and didn't like ​him.



​-- ​met Ricky Nelson on stage --​​​

How It All Began

 I was inspired by Ricky Nelson. I, like most, grew up watching him sing on the TV show. ​Well,... I took guitar lessons ( I liked Roy Rogers) and later started singing Ricky Nelson s​tuff when I was a baby. --- I started playing money gigs on guitar when I was 15 years old. -- My Father who was a professional drummer booked ​our little band on a gig at a church in WI. We played in the basement where they had a casino with craps, backjack tables, roulette, etc. I loved it! Now, my Father had heard  ​me sing ​and play guitar, in my room. So,... he told me to get up and sing (a Ricky song). I told him I couldn't do it. He told me to get up there and do it NOW! "My hands were shakey and my knees were weak!" I don't think anyone was listening anyway, but I took one big ​deep breath and sang. ​That was the first time I sang in public.

​​​--- ​I played in beer bars, Disneyland hotel lounge for 1 1/2 years, did: Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Bobby Darin, etc.) and then Rock & Roll shows across the country doing all kinds of material other than Ricky Nelson.

​​Soon after a former guitar student ​visited a club that I was working in as a single, and suggested that I do a Ricky Nelson impersonation, as 50's & 60's shows were what was happening! ​So, I did it and soon after, audtioned for the "RIGHTEOUS BROS. - HOP" in Fountain Valley, CA. Bill Medley Owner. --- That's when things began to happen!...

​​Rick was gone 5 years ​by this time​​​​ ---
​I​ have heard of some mediums that "channel" ​​spirits. So, after several shows, I ​thought, "why not (ME) try to contact Rick before each show?" So, in a quiet spot, ​and at least 10 min. before I went on stage, I would ​steal away (in a ​corner or bathroom), it didn't matter, I would blank my mind and call him out and offer the show to him. After all, they came to ​see me doing HIM, right?... (I knew I could do the show by myself, but why not let Rick do it?)... (I think some people thought I was praying for the show.)
​​SO,... I offered him my voice, muscles, music ability, to use. I would actually say in my quiet 10 min before the show:
​"Rick -- ​do your show!" (​Or, "Go For It") Well,... It ​seems that he is/​was a ​HAM. There was no resistance!... NEVER!
​I planned the order of the show ahead, but I literally turned the show over to him.
​--- Okay, here's how it went (with my eyes closed and in my space). --- "Rick, these people are here to see ​YOU. Use my body, voice, whatever, to do ​YOUR show"... Then, I would wait, (maybe 5 min.) My lips started to smile slowly. My eyes would ​fluctuate back & forth. My smile would get complete and my eyes would gently open. Then, at that moment I ​felt he was there -- ​at that point I would ​​start for the stage...
​After the show, I told ​those around me that I ​did not really remember​ that much of the show. I experienced it, and ​kn​owing the material inside and out, it just seemed like -- I somehow witnessed what was going on!
​Every one around me saw​ me do that every ​show.
You could ask Bill Medley; ​he came to the show once, twice,.. a month. He saw me go away 10 min. before going on stage, every single time. It only took that long.
​Well, that's the story... 
At that time, these videos were used for publicity purposes only.
I could not tell this story back then. Nobody would believe me and they might think that I was blowin smoke to get attention and bookings.
​However, you could ask any band member, ​producer, agent, friends, etc, that was at/on the gigs and they would tell you the ​truth. I ​never tried to conceal my actions.