After ​my 3 years stint at the Righteous Bros. Hop, I traveled with several "Rock N Roll Legends" shows all around the US & Canada for ​a few years. Then one day. an agent that I had worked with in the past, called me for an audition for a movie. Well, I wasn't very excited because they always seem to use "Elvis's". Besides I would have to get in ​costume and then travel to Century City, CA from Orange county. I didn't want to go. --- But I thought, "Well what are you in this business for, if you won't go on an audition?" So, I ​forced myself to go. --At the time, I didn't even know who Quentin Tarantino was. There was a woman casting director present, so I gave my attention to her. 

I walked into the room in costume and Quentin ​asked me if I could sing. I said "sure, I do a live show". So he asked me to do "Waitin In School," "Lonesome Town," Believe What you say," etc. So I started singing and playing those songs. He ​started jumping up & down. So, I ​asked him to please tell the director what he thought,... well he looked at me kind of weird... 

​​As I was leaving, he said that he would like to see a show. So, I said, "great give me your number and I'll let you know". He wrote it down on a piece of paper. --Unfortunately, I didn't have anything locally coming up​ soon. As I left, girls surrounded me and asked me if Quentin Tarantino was in the room, I said, WHO?...


​​Two weeks befor​e filming, I was told that I was going to sing,... so what kind of mic would look like RICKY NELSON's they asked? (They used the wrong one) -- Then they set up a recording date. When I arrived, I asked the engineer where the band (players) were. He said, "W​as there a band with you when you auditioned?" - "I said NO!" - ​"Well then, it's just you!...


1.​​​​ ​Why was "WAITIN' IN SCHOOL" so​​​​​ SHORT?

Two reasons,... that decision was made ​​​on a spur of the moment. I felt that if it was only 2

choruses, then it might not get cut up like they often do in films. (​Ended up not being cut.) 

Then, I would have wanted a backup band if it w​as to go longer. (Engineer convinced me to do it

the way Quentin first heard it, etc.)

2. Why wasn't I on the ​ALBUM?

​First, Quentin had nothing to do with it. ​I should have had a good manager. You can't promote yourself​ ​with that industry. You need someone to talk for you, who KNOWS what they're doing. I never really​ thought that it was going to be that big of a hit anyway. - And,... I was the only one who did an original recording for the movie, etc. The classic oldies ​are very inexpensive to use in movies. The ​record people probably figured that "PULP" was going to be a monster hit and really didn't need a short live recording to sell millions of records. ​

If I had been on it, it would have changed my life. ​